Comfortable being Uncomfortable

As someone embarks on a true learning journey, consider this rule number one: One must become comfortable being uncomfortable.

You have to step boldly into the unknown, to experiment, to fail. Then reflect, learn, and step boldly again, back into the unknown.

We call this the Learning Cycles. The faster one can go through these cycles, the faster one learns. The faster one learns, the faster one innovates. Our rate of innovation is critical for success in order for us to establish ourselves as a First Mover and to Create a Wake.

But to walk into the unknown puts us, emotionally, into a place where failure is not only possible, but likely. But we have been taught by our society to avoid failure like the plague. For in failure we are vulnerable. We feel shame. We fear rejection.

It is essential, then, not to do this journey alone, but with Mentors and Helpers. We need to trust them with our vulnerabilities, knowing that when we fail, they will not judge us, but help pick up back up so to that we can learn, empowering us to once again plunge back into the next Learning Cycle.