Claim the Joy

Being in the Flow State of Agile is a joyful experience. It's challenging, but it vitalizes us - leaves us with more energy than less. Because it excites our Curiosity, it almost becomes addictive.

But, having this Agile Mindset creates tension when butting up against others who have a traditional Cartesian Mindset. If the Agile Mindset is focused on creativity, the Cartesian Mindset is focused on control. One is fundamentally driven by the experience of joy, the other is largely driven by the experience of fear.

Coming face to face with someone's fear can sometimes cause us to question our joy. Are we really deserving of it? Is the fear the reality and we are only in a temporarily suspended state of that reality?

When we are confronted by fear, we are called to chose one or the other. If we claim the joy, we can walk through the fear. With courage.