Building Blocks of Agile

When many organizations think about adopting Agile, they start with an exploration of the myriad of different frameworks, the most common being Scrum.

But this approach is backward, and can lead to alienation as a set a new of practice imposed on an organization.

Recognizing that Agile is a culture that transforms the work experience, one must start at the core of a company and work from the inside out, not the outside in.

It all starts with the values. If not, the whole journey will be inauthentic and will likely fail.

Agile Values Much like our values are at our core as individual, values are at the core of our organizations. Agile has three primary values that must be authentically lived by everyone, most importantly by the leadership.

Agile Mindset As we experience the flow joy that happens when we courageously creating together, an organization embraces an Agile Mindset the becomes a new lens by which possibility is defined.

Agile Practices To manage the creative process to maximize its potential, practices are adopted. These practices are shaped by teams and organizations based on the unique dynamics of their culture and value network.