Brain Networks

Functional MRI has shown specific regions of the brain activate together. Without identifying specific neurons, these coordinated regions are referred to as networks of which there are many.

Default Mode Network active with internal focus such as planning or daydreaming.

Central Executive Network active processing sensory or motor activity.

Salience Network supervises activity of other networks.

Looking for brain areas with correlated activity, researchers were able to map out networks composed of functionally linked brain regions. post pub

Three intrinsic connectivity networks in the human brain have been identified as central to the understanding of higher cognitive function. nature enlarge

“The label of the salience network was a novel concept,” said Erno Hermans. “It identifies it as a separate system, independent from other systems in the brain.”

“If you have to think about tiny regions of the brain all doing something different, it’s very hard to make sense of how activity fits together globally,” said David Sharp.