Birthing Eureka Moments

Ward and I are exploring how we might be able to lead student through an experience of using the fed wiki that allows them to have Eureka Moments that unveils its potential for shared discovery.

We know the power these moments. They change us and we forever will see the world a new way. Our Schema has been transformed.

We seek to ignite these moments when we hold our Make-a-thons. Frequently they happen the first time someone makes a light blink from their circuit board.

Computer scientists call this the Hello World Moment , a term derived from a simple introductory program that displays the words, "Hello, World" on a screen.

It's like magic. All of a sudden, a simple line of code appears. Joy suddenly erupts. And a journey of discovery begins.

Eureka Moments are at the core of all powerful learning experiences. The happen when we driven to find an answer but are confounded by confusion.

Then, all of sudden, like a bolt of lightening, the answer becomes clear. It's as if someone has just turned the light on and we can see an entire new landscape in front of us.

*In my years as a strategic marketing consultant in Asia I used to joke that I often felt that I was stupid until I was an idiot. For months I would be working on a project and not understand how all of the pieces of a very complex market would fit together. I felt very stupid. And then, in a bolt, everything would suddenly fall into place. I would look at it and it would be so simple - something I could easily explain to others. Why had I not seen it before? I was such an idiot. *

It could be said that it is the euphoric joy that is released in Eureka Moments that empowers Creative Genius.