Agile's Rumble

A "rumble" is a term used by Brené Brown to talk about a process of deep grappling with a complex emotional issue. It is the journey into the "inmost cave" that is at the core of the Hero's Journey.

It is within that cave that we come face-to-face with our shadows.

Rumble feels like the right word when I look at the struggle now facing the Agile community. As Agile has widened its adoption, it has taken many forms, what are called, "frameworks". There are now frameworks for small teams and large enterprises that are prescriptive of the way in which the practice of Agile is done.

But there are many who are rebelling against these frameworks that are often imposed by management, claiming that they violate the Spirit of Agile.

They have labeled these imposed frameworks, and the organizations that are building business around them, as the Agile Industrial Complex.

I got to thinking if there was the parallel between this dynamic and the one early struggles of the the Christian church.

Within a couple of hundred years of this spiritual experience of the radical prophet, a form, that is the Catholic Church, was created. For survival and perpetuation, this organization quickly focused on developing and implementing control structures.

Those Christian who feel outside of these control structure, like the Gnostics, were rejected and shunned.