Agile Values

There are three core values of Agile: - Commitment - Curiosity - Courage

**Committment** This commitment is guided by a Higher Purpose and defined by an Audacious Aspiration. That is, by a shared commitment to do something that is important to others.

For companies, this means a Wholehearted Commitment to their customers. For schools, it is a similar commitment to each student. Additionally, there must be a deep commitment to other team members and the organization - a commitment founded on trust. And a commitment to the organization's Higher Purpose.

**Curiosity** This journey of discovery, while risky, is guided by Curiosity, Curiosity that opens us to the Flow State of joyful learning that unleashes our Whole Mind.

**Courage** And then having the Courage to walk into the unknown. For when charging ahead to tackles something audacious, you are working in uncharted territory. Failure is inevitable, and, in fact, necessary part of the learning process.

In this process, we must learn to trust others with our vulnerabilities. and become comfortable being uncomfortable.