Agile Experience

The work "Agile" has limited meaning without the experience.

>ag·ile /ˈajəl/ *adjective* able to move quickly and easily.

When a group of software developers came together in 2001 to find a common ground and shared language that embraced their new methods of software development, they published a manifesto, calling it the Manifesto for Agile Software Development .

With that manifesto, agile now had a new meaning - one that was intended to capture not just the _form_ but, far more importantly, the _experience_ of creating software in a radical new way.

An experience of self-managing teams working together to create with clear and meaningful purpose. Creating in a way that utilized rapid Learning Cycles.

This new development experience enabled better software to be written exponentially faster that the traditional methods that depended on rigid planning.

This experience tapped something deeper - a vitalizing sense of joy of learning and discovery - that was exhilarating and incorporated the potential of the Whole Mind.