A Single Mystery

In a single paper the universe could possibly be re-imagined.

One of the great mystery of life is what makes up the other 95%. Physicists have surmised that 5% that atomic matter, called Baryonic Matter, makes up about 5% of the universe, but what about the rest?

For more than 50 years, we have held onto a theory that dark energy and dark matter makes up the rest. But we have never been able to verify this theory through experimentation.

But what if, rather than two mysteries, there is only one, that dark energy and dark matter are one? Something that could be called dark fluid.

>As detailed in a paper published this week in Astronomy and Astrophysics , a theory developed by Albert Einstein in 1918 and then abandoned may have held the key to the mystery of dark matter and dark energy all along. Oxford astrophysicist James Farnes drew on this theory to come up with a new theory that unifies dark matter and dark energy as a single “dark fluid” that permeates the universe.