31 May 2018

Work Journal

I tried another experiment today, based on the concept of finding the story of the day. Each day has a story for us to tell, if we can find a way to tell it. By reflecting on that story, we can find the insights the can be knit together for meaning.

But, frequently, most of my day is spent working, with creative thinking taking root like ferns in the cracks of the wall.

I trying to figure out how our IT Management staff can better document their customer engagements so that others can support our clients more effectively. Sure, there is our CRMs and we are using a wiki for documenting the technical details of these networks. But it feels like we are missing all of the nuances that are held in the stories of the people and the problems we are facing.

I was reminded of the work I was doing with police department - where I was exploring developing a system for what I called "below the line" knowledge. Public safety work is all about the stories - but police departments are poorly organized to support the sharing of these stories.

When I proposed to Chris yesterday that we might use a fed wiki to capture and share these client stories, he was concerned that there wouldn't be the time at the end of the day to do these reflections.

I wondered what might happen if I created a Work Journal that I added to throughout the day to capture my creative work journey. Would this practice be valuable and potentially provide insight into my Learning Journal?

This exercise would also give an opportunity to begin to see how paths can fork together.