24 May 2018

The day draws to a close and I ponder what to do without captured notes of insights. A blank slate.

So I began to wander through my earlier posts to see if there was a fragment, a thread that might inspire me. In 20 May 2018 I mentioned the Walled Garden that I wanted to write about. When reading that post, I was reminded of a comment made yesterday by a teacher at the Willamina meeting.

She was talking about the old greenhouse at the high school and how she wanted to start to use that to engage the curiosity of students who were struggling to learn and to find a place of belongings in the school. She talked about transforming the greenhouse into a "secret garden" for them.

I have never read the Secret Garden . I should.

A walled garden, alive with nature's spirit. A safe place for reflection. A place of imagination, a place of restoration, of creation.

Imagine that.