22 May 2018

Let's just say that we are in the practice of inventing language. Let's just say, then, that "wiki", as a verb, means "to quickly find and share meaning". From my conversations with Ward, I suspect that he might not disagree.

When we wiki, we quickly reflect on our recent experiences (the journey) as a way to find meaning in those experiences. From these reflections we find insights that we might want to share, as tips. By reflecting on those tips, we might gain greater insight and find patterns of deeper meaning that could help guide others in their journey.

A journaling pattern emerges: reflect, share and guide that provides meaning to our journey.

Meaning that transforms knowledge into wisdom.

Just a thought...

I captured this thought during the day. I am trying to be more intentional about doing that as they appear amidst the flow.

During today I also found myself pondering the nature of leadership. There seems to be leadership that is based on power and leadership based on empowerment. They are fundamentally different.

I was listening to Brene Brown the other day and she explored, what one might call, inversion. She talked about how, when she falls into a place of judgment, she looks at the other side of the coin, and begins to explore her corresponding insecurity. She inverts her original feeling, allowing her to grapple and gain insight into its true meaning in her life.

Inversion and leadership. I began to ponder if authentic leadership is seen not by looking at the leader, but, by inversion, at those who are led.

Weakness begets weakness, strength begets strength.