19 May 2018

I met with Ward this morning. We discussed a plan for creating, what could be called a Learning Journal of our journey. The initial focus will be on documenting the learning from the New Relic pilot. I will discuss this idea with Jami and Erin on Monday.

Meeting Notes

To support this process, we will ask all of the team members to prepare a chronological list of activities and insights during the pilot.

We also explored the idea of doing video interviews of each of the members to explore these insights further to identify tips and patterns.

We also talked about the BBC Five Shot model for video stories.

Later I researched the shared roots of "journey" and "journal". Both relate back to the concept of diurnal rhythms ("of, or during the day"). That is, the journey is the walk of the day and the journal is the writing of a day.




Interesting to think about these two activities within the concept and practices of Agile - highlighting the importance of not only doing, but also reflecting.

Feels like a major breakthrough. Been looking for simple, compelling reason to encourage teachers and students to start writing wikis. Journals are a known tool of teaching. Using wikis for journalling to define time for reflection and to document learning will potentially be incredibly valuable.

Other thoughts to explore at some point:

The learn/create/reflect Agile Learning Cycle

The thoughts/tips/patterns journaling model. Will be explored further at 20 May 2018.